Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler System Design, Installation & Service

Cogswell Sprinkler Company is your best resource for fire sprinkler systems in the Northeast United States. Installing a fire sprinkler system is one of the best ways to protect your property and save lives. Cogswell utilizes the latest sprinkler technologies to provide specialized fire sprinkler systems for projects of all sizes, large and small.

Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems We Install:

  • Wet Pipe Sprinklers - Wet pipe sprinkler systems are the traditional form of fire sprinkler systems. This system contains water within the sprinkler pipes. When the sprinkler system activates, water is discharged from the sprinkler head nearest to the fire.
  • Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems - In a dry pipe sprinkler system, water is not contained within the sprinkler pipes. When a fire is detected, water will flow into the pipes and the sprinkler head nearest to the fire will discharge. This system works well in cold areas where water could freeze
  • Deluge Fire Sprinklers - Deluge fire sprinkler systems are a good option for high hazard applications. In a deluge system, the sprinkler pipes are dry, and the sprinkler heads are open. When a fire is detected, water will enter the pipes and flow through all the sprinkler heads.
  • Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems - A pre-action sprinkler system requires a two-step process to discharge. When a fire is detected, water will enter the sprinkler pipes and each head must be activated individually in order to discharge.

Fire Sprinkler System Installations & Service

As a full-service fire protection provider, Cogswell Sprinkler Company will design, install, inspect, test and repair fire sprinkler systems. Our fire sprinkler systems are designed using the latest sprinkler technologies. We install, test and inspect fire sprinkler systems in accordance with NFPA standards and local code. Cogswell Sprinkler can inspect and test sprinkler systems as often as needed and when it fits your schedule.

Industries Served

At Cogswell Sprinkler Company, we serve a wide variety of applications including commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential. No project is too large or too small. From commercial high-rise buildings to residential homes, we can do it all.

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If you are interested in working with Cogswell Sprinkler Company for your sprinkler system, request a no obligation quote. We can provide a variety of sprinkler systems for facilities in Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York.

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