Fire Protection Inspections

Fire Protection Inspections

Fire System Inspection & Testing

Serving Customers in MA, ME, VT, CT, NH, RI & NY

Cogswell Sprinkler Company’s state of the art Inspection and Testing Department utilizes the most recent technology to perform this vital step in assuring that your systems are:

  • Code Compliant: Our highly trained inspectors undergo constant training to assure that they are acutely aware of the appropriate NFPA standards for your particular application.
  • Inspected: NFPA defines an inspection as a visual examination of a system or portions thereof to verify it appears to be in operating condition and is free of physical damage. Our inspectors will note all abnormalities in order to make the proper owner representative aware of such conditions.
  • Tested: NFPA defines testing as a procedure used to determine the status of a system as intended by conducting periodic physical checks.

Customized Inspections to Meet Your Needs

Our Inspection/Testing Department takes pride and care in customizing this service to meet your schedule and your needs; Cogswell will reach out to every customer to be prompt and efficient with your schedule as well as working to coordinate with authorities having jurisdiction and any other required outside personnel necessary in this important task to assure you are within code requirements. Our uniformed and professional teams are on-site timely performing the required steps required for inspecting and testing your property. Detailed and prompt reporting round out the services of this department as Cogswell Sprinkler keeps our customers always with peace of mind.

Types of Inspections We Perform

Cogswell offers full service and testing as required by NFPA-25, The Standard for the Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, which includes, but not limited to:

  • Fire Alarm Inspection/Testing
  • Fire Pump Flow Performance Inspection/Testing
  • Backflow Preventer Inspection/Testing
  • Special Hazards Inspection/Testing
  • 5-Year Inspection/Testing

If you are interested in having you fire sprinkler, alarm or special hazards system inspected by the team at Cogswell Sprinkler, contact us today.

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