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Fire Protection Specialists in designing, installing, inspecting, maintaining, fire sprinkler systems and fire protection and suppression systems
The Cogswell sprinkler co fire protection specialists Jack and Jeff Cogswell in the early days
Cogswell Sprinkler co fire protetion specialists link to the nfpa
The authority on fire, electical and building safety.
Cogswell Sprinkler co fire protetion specialists link to the nfpa
A non-profit association of suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, architects, engineers, AHJs, Fire Service personnel and all others dedicated to gaining the worldwide acceptance of the fire sprinkler concept. The mission includes efforts in education and code development to save people from the devastating effects of unfriendly fire
fire protetion specialists link to neadfpsd
The New England Association of Fire Protection System Designers is comprised of contractors, engineers, technicians, manufacturers and suppliers dedicated to improving life safety through better understanding of codes and systems applications.
The Cogswell Sprinkler co fire protection specialists link to the AFSA
The American Fire Sprinkler Association, (AFSA) is a non-profit, international association representing open shop fire sprinkler contractors, dedicated to the educational advancement of its members and promotion of the use of automatic fire sprinkler systems.
The Cogswell Sprinkler Co fire protection specialists link to the SFPE
The SFPE is the professional society representing those practicing the field of fire protection engineering.
Cogswell Sprinkler Co., Inc. - Fire Protection Specialists with over 30 years of designing, installing, inspecting, servicing and maintaining fire protection systems for commercial, residential, industrial and institutional applications.

Fire Protection Specialists serving Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York
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